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Best foote jones line o power

Reducers and gearboxes ensure motor torque is multiplied as needed to drive your conveyors. In heavy-duty environments like mining and quarrying, these units endure high start-up loads along with vibration and shock impacts. Strength and reliability are paramount, but they must also be designed for ease of maintenance and eventually, rebuilding.

Foote-Jones reducers and gearboxes are produced in concentric, worm gear, parallel, and right-angle shaft configurations. Shafts are through-hardened and gears are hobbed after heat treatment for maximum precision and long life.

A wide range of housing dimensions, gear ratios, and shaft sizes ensure there’s a model to suit every application. Their worm gear reducers, in particular, are produced in an extensive variety of configurations. (foote jones line o power)

foote jones line o power Reducer Gearing

In challenging environments like mining and quarrying gears wear and can be damaged by shock loads. Rather than replace a complete reducer or gearbox a rebuild can be significantly less expensive. Alternatively, it may be worth changing gearing ratios to improve conveyor performance.

Foote-Jones gearing is known for accuracy, excellent surface finish and quiet, trouble-free operation. If refurbishing or upgrading a Foote-Jones reducer or gearbox West River Conveyors can provide the reducer gearing you need.

See our full line of reducer gearing here foote jones line o power.

foote jones line o power Shaft-Mount Reducers

Shaft-mount reducers deliver torque multiplication/speed reduction in a compact package. In most cases a Foote-Jones reducer is a direct swap for whatever brand of unit is already in place, enabling performance and reliability upgrades with minimal downtime.

Foote-Jones produces a range of shaft-mount reducers with various horsepower ratings, bore diameters and ratios. Regardless of size, all are built with durable seals, shafts machined from high strength steel and bearings selected for optimum life and load-carrying capability. High strength ductile iron housings reduce transmission of vibration and a large oil sump helps ensure good lubrication.

Search our complete line of available shaft-mount reducers here foote jones line o power.

In Search Of Foote Jones line o power Conveyor Parts?

West River Conveyors carry a large inventory of Foote-Jones power transmission products. For advice on the best solutions to your power transmission needs, talk with our specialists. They are standing by to help you make the best selection for your operation.

At West River Conveyors, we provide outstanding customer service and a large selection of Foote-Jones parts available directly from our warehouse. We also offer quick ordering and shipping of replacement parts foote jones line o power.

foote jones line o power Helical Gear UnitsA2

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Concentric Shaft Reducers


Type SL

  1. Multiple Reduction Helical
  2. Horizontal Foot Mount
  3. Type VSL
  4. Multiple Reduction Helical
  5. Vertical Flange Mount
  6. Type PSL
  7. Multiple Reduction
  8. Helical with Motor Mount
  9. Type BSL
  10. Multiple Reduction
  11. Helical with Baseplate
  12. Type KSL
  13. Multiple Reduction
  14. Helical with Backstop
  15. Type L
  16. Multiple Reduction Helical
  17. Horizontal Foot Mount with Motor Scoop
  18. Type C
  19. Multiple Reduction Helical
  20. Horizontal Foot Mount with
  21. “C” Face Motor Mount
  22. Type VL
  23. Multiple Reduction Helical
  24. Vertical Flange Mount with
  25. Motor Scoop
  26. Type VC
  27. Multiple Reduction Helical
  28. Vertical Flange Mount with
  29. “C” Face Motor Mount
  30. Line-O-Motor Coupled Gearmotor Line-O-Motor NEMA
  31. “C”-Face Coupled Gearmotor

Accessories A3

foote jones line o power Foote-Jones Reducers & Gearboxes

Overnight Delivery, Experienced, and Knowledgeable.

Foote-Jones is a brand that speaks innovation with products at the very center of its use in highly significant industries. Their aim is to constantly provide products, solutions, and services that make work efficient and faster. Foote-Jones offers helical, parallel shaft, and spiral bevel gear drives used in industries like paper making, forestry, and mining equipment. Foote-Jones provides the power transmission product that powers heavy industry foote jones line o power.

Foote-Jones joined Regal Beloit Corporation in 1990, which led to an increase in the company’s product line. Today, the company has the highest number of gear products in the industry. Using improved technology, Foote-Jones has been able to add many modern products like Uni-Power, Line-O-Power, Hy-Power, Max-Power, and PowerTech, a wide variety of models that all serve different industrial applications -foote jones line o power.

With over 28 years of experience, Midwest Power Products are experts in Foote-Jones gear drive repair, replacement, and servicing.


LINE-O -POWER foote jones line o power ™

foote jones line o power

The 800 Series line of Concentric Shaft Speed Reducers

has the latest state-of-the art engineering improvements,

using higher capacity bearings, selectively ground or

skived gearing, and larger diameter shafts.

There are ten sizes up to 429,300 inch pounds output

torque. Double, triple, and quadruple reduction units are

available in modular design. The surface hardened helical

gearing is rated in accordance with applicable AGMA

Best foote jones line o power


Tapered roller bearings on all shafts provide anticipated

bearing life in excess of AGMA standards and normal

industry requirements.

Housings are made of Cast Iron in the eight smaller sizes.

The two larger sizes have fabricated steel housings.

Dual lip oil seals on input and output shafts, with option for

grease purging available.

Available adaptations are: Vertical ring mount adapter –

low speed shaft down, scoop motor mount, C face motor

mount, motor mount for V belt drive, and common base-

plate. Available accessories also include backstop, slide

base, standard or OSHA guards, cooling fan, heat

exchanger and special assemblies -foote jones line o power.


The ratchet and pawl type backstop is

available for in line reducers as a stan-

dard accessory to prevent reversal of

shaft rotation, and may be used as

frequently as needed; it is mounted on

the high speed shaft extension. The

pawls pivot on oilite bearings eliminating

the need for relubricating. The entire

backstop is enclosed in a dust-tight case

suitable for use in dirty atmosphere.

When ordering a reducer with backstop, it is important to

clearly state the required direction of free rotation of the

output shaft when viewing reducer at the low speed end.

Backstop not available when cooling fan is used.

Our Backstops Do Not run in oil.


For applications where

mechanical horsepower

requirements exceed reducer

thermal capacities, the

cooling fan provides an

inexpensive way to dissipate

excessive heat. The cooling

fan adds approximately 25% to catalog thermal ratings.

Where additional cooling is needed, a forced feed oil

system with heat exchanger can be furnished -foote jones line o power.


Standard slide bases are

available for reducers where

chain drives are used. Heavy

slotted angle iron weldment

with two adjusting screws

provide a convenient positioning device for correct chain

tensioning. Reducer mounting bolts are included.


Designed for use with V belt

drive, this accessory allows

mounting of motor above or on

either side of foot mounted

reducer. It is a solution to the

problem of limited floor space.

When standard gear ratios are

combined with cataloged V belt

ratios, output shaft speeds can

be attained to suit virtually any

intermediate design requirement. Standard mounts are

available for 1 HP frame 143T through 75 HP frame 365T -foote jones line o power.


This adds a substantial

motor end shelf and high

speed coupling to the basic

Line-O-Power unit. Standard

end shelves are designed

to accept NEMA T-frame

motors and standard

couplings. These are available for motor frames ranging

from size 145T to 445T. Special shelves can be furnished

for special motors or when couplings with large gaps

between shafts are used i.e. dry fluid or hydro fluid types.


Sheet metal or expanded metal

coupling guards, designed to suit

various environments, protect

manpower and equipment. Stan-

dard guards protect couplings from objects falling on

them; OSHA guards enclose coupling so personnel

cannot accidentally come in contact



Standard fabricated steel

motor plates are machined

on top and bottom for easy

installation. Large plates on

the motor side allow mounting of a wide range of motor

frames and can accommodate many combinations of

special couplings and/or standard or special motors -foote jones line o power.

Reducer Application DataA4


Concentric Shaft Reducers


FOOTE-JONES gear reducers are designed in

accordance with reliable gear practices. Durability ratings

are published using applicable AGMA standards. Over

100 years of experience and tens of thousands of units

successfully operating in the field attest to the high

industrial quality of FOOTE-JONES gear drives. When

properly selected, installed, and operated, FOOTE-

JONES reducers will provide dependable service at rated

capacity. Horsepower values listed are at input torque

values at output, and allow for efficiency losses. When the

required speed falls between two catalogued speeds of a

certain ratio, interpolate to determine unit rating -foote jones line o power.


Published ratings allow 100% overload for infrequent

starting, and for very intermittent overloads. Over 4 starts

per day requires service factoring more than 1.0.

Where the starting torque of the motor exceeds 200%,

use formula below to select the minimum service factor.

SF = Maximum HP (or torque)

min. 2 x Full load running HP (or torque)

Where the service factor in the AGMA application table

exceeds this value, the larger factor is to be used. The

AGMA application service factors as listed on Page 8 are

for normal starting torque motors (NEMA Design B).

Note: The service factors are based on field experience

by the gear industry with average installations, and may

not be applicable in all instances. They are recommended

minimums. The purchaser is to evaluate the service

factors against his experience, and to specify different

service factors where there is sufficient experience, and

all load factors as known -foote jones line o power -foote jones line o power.

Vibratory and impact loads are not covered in the service

factor table and are not covered in the warranty.

When brakes are used with prime movers, the brake

torque may govern the reducer selection as it usually

exceeds normal motor torque.

Any brakes that are used in conjunction with

a reducer must be sized or positioned in such a way so as

to not subject the reducer to loads beyond the catalog


Reducers are not to be considered fail safe

or self-locking devices. If these features are required, a

properly sized, independent holding device should be

Utilized -foote jones line o power.


The thermal horsepower rating is the reducer’s ability to

transmit an actual load continuously without overheating.

If the actual load exceeds the thermal rating, external

cooling is required. A cooling fan, heat exchanger, or a

larger unit may solve the thermal problem.

Normal operating temperature for a gear drive may be

considered to be 100°F rise over ambient, to a maximum

of 200°F oil sump temperature. In many cases the

operating temperature may be lower, because gear ratio

and loading affect the amount of friction and heat. A

suitable temperature gauge should be used to determine

overheating as normal operating temperature feels hot to

the touch -foote jones line o power.

If the speed reducer cannot be located in a

clear and dry area with access to adequate cooling air

supply, then precautions must be taken to avoid the

ingestion of contaminant’s such as water and the

reduction in cooling ability due to exterior contaminant’s.

Adequate thermal horsepower capacity is

important. Destructive damage may occur if a gear drive

builds heat faster than it is dissipated while operating -foote jones line o power.


The overhung load capacity listed in this manual is based

on the least favorable combined conditions of gear load

and direction of external radial load. If combined overhung

and thrust loads are applied simultaneously, consult

factory giving complete application details. Effective

overhung load varies with the type of overhung member.

Service factors must be applied to the actual load values

using K factors and load location factors (LLF) for correct

Application -foote jones line o power.

Formula for Calculating Overhung Load

OHL = HP x 63000 x K x LLF

RPM x Pitch Radius

Overhung Member K Factor

Sprocket 1.00

Spur Pinion 1.25

V-Belt Sheave 1.50

Flat Belt Pulley 2.50

LLF-Load location factors are listed on Page A9.

Catalogued overhung load capacities are calculated at

one shaft diameter distance from the shaft seal. The

center of the overhung load should be located as close to

the shaft seal as possible to get the maximum bearing life.

Careful analysis of the application is important in

selecting the reducer size.

FOOTE-JONES Line-O-Power™ Reducers are designed for

5000 hours minimum L10 bearing life (25000 average

hours). Overhung load capacities are calculated at the

least favorable combination of rating, speed, rotation, and

direction of applied load. If one or more of the above

conditions is favorable, the L10 life and overhung load

rating will increase.





Additional bearing life may be expected if the full

catalogued reducer rating is not used. In this case, to

determine the absolute minimum L10 bearing life, divide

the reducer rating by the transmitted horsepower to

find the service factor and read the L10 life from the

chart below.

Service L10 Service L10

Factor Bearing Life Factor Bearing Life

1.0 5000 1.75 32232

1.1 6868 2.0 50281

1.25 10512 2.25 74428

1.4 15331 2.5 105709

1.5 19291 -foote jones line o power


All gear reducers are designed to operate with the base

mounted horizontally unless specified otherwise. Refer all

other special mountings to your FOOTE-JONES Sales

Representative. Modifications to the lubrication system

and seals may be required.

Failure to refer mounting positions other

than Horizontal to the FOOTE-JONES representative,

may result in premature product failure.

Make certain that the power supply is

disconnected before attempting to service or remove any

components. Lock out the power supply and tag it to

prevent unexpected application of power -foote jones line o power.


The approximate full load efficiencies for normal

operating conditions are listed below. Where efficiency is

critical, consult your FOOTE-JONES Sales Representative

with complete application data for a more precise figure.

Double Reduction 97%

Triple Reducer 95%

Quadruple Reduction 94%

For units with built-in pumps, allow an additional 0.5%.

For units with a fan, allow an additional 0.2%.


FOOTE-JONES reducers will perform satisfactorily for the

rating specified on the FOOTE-JONES certified print and

nameplate providing each is properly installed and

operated within the speed and torque limits and other

load and environmental conditions for which it was sold,

and maintained in accordance with the FOOTE-JONES

Maintenance Manuals -foote jones line o power.

Many applications require a speed reducer to have splash

lubrication. Mounting positions other than floor horizontal,

abnormal ambient temperatures, and variable or

multi-speed input may require special lubrication

consideration. Consult the factory giving full application

details to insure correct lubrication.

Hot oil can on reducers cause severe burns.

Use extreme care when removing lubrication plugs and vents.

It is imperative that the drive SYSTEM be free from

critical speeds, torsional and lateral vibratory loads within

the operating speed range, no matter how induced.

Responsibility for the system analysis rests with the


FOOTE-JONES terms and conditions of

sale shall supersede any catalog or sales bulletin data

and will prevail in any dispute -foote jones line o power.


The standard reducer is designed to operate in a

protected location with reasonable ventilation, free from

temperature extremes (below -10°F or above 100°F for

significant periods) or severe dust, toxic, explosive, or

other unusual environments. Modifications such as

special seals, heaters, heat exchangers, etc., could be

required for these unusual conditions. Consult your

FOOTE-JONES Sales Representative.


Applications requiring speed reducers for

people-mover equipment should not be selected from the

catalog without consulting the factory. Examples:

Passenger or freight elevators, man lifts, escalators, ski

lifts or ski tows. These applications must be referred to the

factory with full application data -foote jones line o power.


For safety, purchaser or user should provide

protective guards over all shaft extensions and any

moving apparatus mounted thereon. The user is

responsible for checking all applicable safety codes in his

area and providing suitable guards. Failure to do so may

result in bodily injury and/or damage to equipment.


All units are coated with a rust-inhibiting oil during the

shop test, and shaft extensions are coated with a

dry-film preservative. This treatment will provide adequate

protection for normal periods during installation. It is

recommended the units be protected during storage, and

periodic inspection is recommended and re-treatment

applied, if necessary.

Long Term Storage – For more positive storage

instructions, refer to the Maintenance Manual.

foote jones line o power

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